Get into your
Customer’s pocket

Advokit is the complete mobile channel.

This platform allows retailers to launch a mobile loyalty programme, get to know their customers and sell their products through a customised app.

It’s more than just pennies for points, it is about building real long term customer relationships and solving all those mobile website pain points.


It should be fun…
Personalising and Gamifying

We are obsessed with user experience.

We love designing products that are customer centric for an engaging user experience. The social features ensure that they are personal, relevant and build relationships but the gamification makes the ordinary, fun, exciting and stand out from the crowd.

BetYou is an award winning social gaming app that makes betting personal and fun.


Making the
complex, simple

Our mission is to translate complex problems for our clients into simple products for their customers.

Our process from ideation through design, development and product roll out is uniquely personal to our clients needs to integrate game changing products into a live business environment.

Visualising and managing
Omnichannel data

We create products to interpret, manage and present data so that it can be effectively used for customer segmentation, personalised marketing and smart push notifications.

We architect our products so that they are scalable, dynamic, robust and secure and yet deliver stunning data visualisation.


A Beautiful
First Impression

To create products that are uniquely personal for our clients and represent their culture and ethos, first impressions are everything.

We design to create something beautiful and instantly recognisable. This establishes an immediate emotional connection with users and is the foundation to a long lasting relationship.


Finally, a work space for the dreamers

A beautiful workspace where work doesn’t feel like work, where ideas are born and friendships made.

Check out our new Labs, a community for entrepreneurs and startups co-working in a modern space.

SuperPixel Labs
SuperPixel Labs

Just some of our wonderful clients…

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