SuperPixel Labs open new collaborative workspace

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As open plan offices have now become the norm and companies are becoming more aware of the importance of collaborative and Inspirational work spaces – the truly modern workspace has arrived. One such business is SuperPixel Labs which plans to open another 50-desk space in Galway city in the new year.

SuperPixel Labs was formed after the company SuperPixel, a digital product studio was looking for an innovative and original workspace in Galway city. The company specialises in creative app development.

Barry Duffy, CEO said “SuperPixel Labs initially launched in early 2015, on New Dock Street in Galway city,  as a space to inspire and enable people with entrepreneurial businesses to co-work together. We originally started with 10 desks in Galway however due to the increasing demand for collaborative office space we are now expanding to 60 desks located right in the heart of the city. We hope the new Labs will appeal to all businesses and entrepreneurs looking for an innovative office space and the urban experience.”

SuperPixel Labs will open its new workspace at Fairgreen Road in the heart of Galway city with 50 new desk spaces, a games room, meeting room and kitchen/food garden area with a coffee machine. The space is designed to be bright, colourful, inspirational with lots of natural light, a space for creative young businesses to work and learn. The space will ideally suit small businesses with up to 8 people. Participants, or Pixel Pals as they refer to themselves,  can rent as many desks as they like and there is also a breakout meeting room available for company and client meetings as well as 250mb fibre based internet and a Sonos Wifi music system.

Mark McGann, Creative Director said “With our new SuperPixel Labs we got the chance to push our boundaries and produce a space where creativity flows and your motivation and energy levels are stimulated. We believe a work place shouldn’t be a dull drab surrounding, it should be fun, a place of flexibility and inspiration. If you’ve got to work, work somewhere you love. Labs is a colourful and energy filled workspace featuring both humour and intelligent solutions”.

An open plan environment invites individuals and groups to work within a buzzing, energised climate in keeping with the colourful and quirky SuperPixel brand. Our splashes of bright, bold colours, urban cartoonish artwork combined with our large signature blackboard walls bring our working space to life.

Startups tell us all time that some of the best creative thinking happens in those moments away from the desk, while getting coffee or just while having a casual conversation with a peer. We designed labs around this understanding, it had to be open-plan and modular, scaling back the number of desks to allow for more break out areas including a Games Room, a Food Garden, a 6 Person Meeting Pod or the large 10 seater War Room which is perfect for brainstorming and design thinking.

Workplace psychology has shown that modern day employees thrive where there is social connection and engagement as part of their collaborative working experience. This type of working has been shown to increase innovation and creativity which can only benefit a company or new business.

As part of SuperPixel’s ongoing expansion, the company is seeking a Community Manager to manage and market the SuperPixel Labs co-working space; shaping and driving it with their  own unique approach and style. For further information or to express your interest in becoming a Pixel Pal please visit SuperPixel Labs at

For media queries please contact

Barry is the CEO & Co-founder of Superpixel with a passion for business and an avid entrepreneur. Having worked in corporate banking he has gone on to lead the Superpixel team in Ireland and the UK. Barry graduated college with a degree in Civil Engineering. He went to do a Masters in Project Management before he was awarded his MSc Finance from Imperial College London.

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